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  • China Information : 070-4222-8888 / 010-8991-8688
  • Japan Information: 010-4223-0002

  • English Information: 010-4223-0001
  • Korean Information: 02-792-0001


dragon hill spa location
  •  Dragon Hill Spa & Resort, 40-712, Hangangno 3-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul


From Yongsan Station

img09_eng Take the Exit No.1 from KTX Station or Yongsan Subway Station (Line No.1) and walk for about one minute.

From Shinyongsan Station

img10_eng Take the Exit No.3 Shinyongsan Station (Line No.4) and walk for about three minutes.

From Airport Limousine No.6001

img11_eng Walk toward Yongsan Station for about one minute.