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GX(Group Exercise)

Our GX hall features dynamic ambience, top-notched convenience facilities, spacious room and multi-dimensional A/V system and provides you with a variety of fitness programs, including bally dance, yoga, step, rhykwon, ABT, and aquarobic to help you keep in shape for your health and wellness. Make sure to have your body get consistent care through exercise classes that are offered Monday through Saturday.


The use of a term ‘yoga’ dates back 500 to 300 BC in ancient Indian literature called Upanisad where a horse and its carriage are compared to the body and mind of human and the rider is to the soul, and yoga is defined as an activity that guides you to the right way by properly controlling the horse. As shown in this comparison, yoga is all about truly freeing yourself by controlling mind and body.








  • Maintains youth and health by relaxing muscles all over your body.
  • Tranquilizes mind and body and relieves stress.
  • Maintains physical flexibility and helps get deep quality sleep.
  • Relaxes muscles, promotes metabolism and blood circulation and boosts immunity
  • Slows down the aging process and improves your skin health.
  • Prevents and treats adult diseases.
  • Strengthens intestines and promotes digestion.