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FAQ English

What does the difference admission fee between day time and evening time to share this dragon hill spa?
How long it will be available to service hours inside spa premises?
If our kids were born in 2008 year, how much will be pay to them admission fee?
How much dose the price for take bath only?
How many people would be consist for make group tour? or Would please advise us how much group tour admission fee?
What’s price does the group tour admission fee?
Is there any free admission fee for senior or any discount cards?
How to distinguish parking time between day time or evening and what’s price for it?
Would you please more detail inform us concerning car parking zone, it seem like to find out pretty difficulties?
Would you please inform us this spa & resort detail address.?
Is it any possibilities usage outdoor hot spring swimming pool during winter season?
Would be have to pay for entrance outdoor swimming pool? Do I have to bring swimming suit by own or not?

Do they will have to wear swimming suit to enter outdoor swim pool?
What does the outdoor swimming pool business time?
If the traveler would take carry little be much it, is it possible to keep luggage by free of charge?
Would you please inform us relating to take massage package price with entire hours, additional body scrub too?
Regarding private(Jacuzzi) bathing, how to use it? And how much does

payment it?

more information?
How many times does the firewood charcoal kiln would be ignited fire raft?
How do I get discount ticket or coupon?
What does the restaurant business (name of Il-Poom –Myun- Ok ) hours?
How do I use for fitness (gym) club just 1 day or so?