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Red Clay Pyramid Meditation Room

Take time for meditation that clears your mind and soul is pyramid,
Magical space energy.

Let’s find out the secret of pyramid power that emits bio-energy of humans, which is collected from the universe.

Many scientist over the years have agreed there is some kind of mysterious energy that activates our bio-energy exists in the pyramid structures, we have added a clean pollutant-free red clay to the indoor area to create far-infrared radiation to be mixed with the universal energy of pyramid for our customers to feel immense energy in harmonious manner.

Indulge yourself in meditation in pyramid room and you will feel the flow of energy invisible but definitely noticeable.

Truly concentration from a complete shutoff from the outside world and winding down and relaxation tranquilizes human mind soul relieves tension in our mind. In particular, you will be able to feel restoration of energy and vigor with just a short nap in pyramid room.


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