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Red clay pine tree sauna (Female only)

Take full advantage of vigor generated by natural red clay that has matured by gaining bright sunshine from the east!

You are going to be reborn as the goddess of nature!

Get far-infrared radiation better known as the light of life directly on your skin in our female-exclusive red clay pine tree sauna built in accordance with tradition and wisdom of our ancestors and you will feel the amazing healing effect.
Our female ancestors who burned firewood for cooking and heating are known to have had no female disorders due to medicinal effect of red clay and ignited yellow earth.

The far-infrared radiation in red clay sauna emitted from red clay that is heated for as many as four hours by burning pine tree firewood is penetrated deep into the epidermis layer of your skin to promote skin blood circulation, relieving pains with cell massage effect as well as stress and chronic fatigue that may cause various modern day diseases.

In addition, the red clay pine tree sauna provides excellent detoxification through microscopic fungi, adding elasticity to your skin and preventing obesity and major modern day diseases.

How to use