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Pine tree firewood sauna

Indulge yourself into the world of natural science as you enjoy far-infrared radiation emitting from nature and the scent of green pine tree!

Pine tree sauna of Dragon Hill Spa features two huge splendid saunas of 12M in height, 6M in diameter, and 1.5M in thickness. They are built out of heat storage stones with inherent capacity of keeping and discharging heat in a repeated manner and east red clay obtained from clean sunlit area to maximize the effect of detoxifying your body in the form of sweat.
In addition, instead of using artificial fence built on the sauna like one of those typical saunas in downtown we have built a traditional sauna that resorts to geothermal heat as the source of heating it using clean red clay and germanium gravels as the basis in 2m deep or deeper that attracts naturally generating far-infrared radiation, maximizing its effect of detoxification and facilitating restoration of your mind and body without the feeling of dizziness and drowsiness that some may feel in hot sauna.
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