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Namcheon outdoor bath

For men who are tired of hectic life of modern days

Upon entering Dragon Hill Spa and taking a bath in any of our bathtubs, you will feel comfortable as if you were at home. Refresh and reinvigorate your body and soul while you are here. Your health and wellness will be upgraded on your way out.


Yongcheon (龍泉) Hinoki bath

Hinoki trees are under special care and protection and are even regarded sacred in Japan due to their outstanding inherent medicinal effects.
The scent of Hinoki wood exposed to moisture eliminates harmful substances and enhances indoor air quality so that we can enjoy clean fresh air of nature even in the middle of a hectic city.
Taking a bath in Hinoki pavilion bathtub is equivalent to a therapeutic walk in the forest while enjoying phytoncide, a perfect getaway from it all.
Hinoki features excellent effect of sterilization and hair vitalization and promotion of blood circulation, serving as a great skin care and revitalization item.


  • Tranquilizes your mind, recovers from fatigue and is highly effective in treating skin troubles and respiratory disorders, and in enhancing skin esthetics
  • Highly effective in treating nervous system disorders, headache, backache, hemorrhoids, arthritis, high blood pressure etc.
  • Prevents hair loss, dandruff, athlete’s foot etc. and promote hair growth and treats atopic dermatitis

How to use

  • Restrict the time of each bathing session to five minutes, followed by 10 minute break before you go back into the bath (repeat the process three times)