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King and Queen

This is a place where you become a king or queen. Let us serve you as a king or queen.

Under the theme of ‘Nature Castle Dragon Hill Spa’, the Main Zone features the interior design of Chinese royal palace and represents our will to serve our customers as a king.
Upon entering the Main Zone, you will be able to get away from it all and indulge yourself into the fantasy world in superior quality.
Relax and rejuvenate yourself in Main Zone full of dramatic components.

“龍華殿 Royal dragon palace”

This is a place where you and your family or friends are dressed in king and queen clothing and take a photo in noble and splendid atmosphere of the Chinese royal palace.

We organize a variety of entertainment events for you to enjoy and the 300 inch screen on the wall will give you a spectacular view of World Cup Soccer games, Olympics and movies/dramas.