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Imperial oriental medicinal sitz bath

Sitz bath is used to relieve discomfort and pain in the lower part of the body by having steam generated by boiling a variety of oriental medicines penetrate deep into female womb and eliminate bodily waste. It is so effective that even Yang Kuei-fei, the most famous beauty in Chinese history, often used the bath as a way of keeping her beauty. In fact, it has been popularly used by women in the East as well as Chinese royal family for thousands of years as a way to treat female diseases and to enhance health and skin beauty.

We use 100% domestically grown herbal medicines, the most important component of sitz bath, and use a mixture of therapeutic treatments, including aroma therapy, fumigation, bathing, insufflations and intake.

Most commonly used herbal medicines include wormwood, motherwort, taraxacum and sophora root, all of which are resistant against inflammation with excellent sterilization effect as well as Korean angelica root and cnidium that promote blood circulation.


  • Sterilization effect (directly affects damaged areas or reproductive organs to treat itchiness, leukorrhea, ovarian cystis, adenomyosis etc.)
  • Pain killer (effective in treating menstrual pain, menstrual irregularity, lower abdomen pain, backache, and neuralgia)
  • Anti-inflammatory effect (effective in treating hemorrhoids, anal fistula, prostatic disease etc.)
  • Aesthetic and nutritional effect (effective in treating skin troubles, freckle, acne, eliminating foul odor and improving skin elasticity)
  • Fat removal (effective in removing body fat in lower abdomen to stay fit)
  • Effective in treating infertility and women’s diseases, osteoporosis, diet etc

How to Use

  • Enjoy herbal tea provided on the house while having a sitz bath (Super dieter’s tea to help lose weight).
  • (Perspire to discharge bodily waste)
  • Oriental medicinal pack service: Apply oriental medicinal pack on your face while having a sitz bath and the effect of moisturizing and supplying nutrition on your skin will be superb thanks to the pores expanded by bathing heat.
  • Shoulder massage service: Indulge into relaxing aromatherapy massage on your tired shoulders
  • Try scalp massage for your stylish hair. (3,000 won per session)
  • The most appropriate time for sitz bath is 40 to 50 minutes. However, you may have a sitz bath for one hour if you want.
  • Clean your body after bath.(It is recommended to take a short simple shower for 24 hours after a sitz bath.)