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Hinoki Woodland Room

Hinoki, one of the most valuable gifts from God! Let’s go to the forest where we can listen to the breathing sound of nature!

Let your body and soul rest in the natural forest!

Hinoki woodland room is made of Kiso Hinoki that endured some 300 years of wind and storm. Hinoki wood is known as a gift of God for its beautiful grain and scent and Japanese people in the old days used Hinoki as a bathtub for royal family.

Hinoki features excellent efficacy in therapeutic forest walk, sterilization, skin treatment (decomposition and elimination of dead cells) and its unique natural scent know as “Hinoki thiol’ is natural antibacterial material that tranquilizes your body and mind.

Hinoki contains natural antibacterial material called phytoncide used to protect itself from various external microorganisms and bacteria, and it is equivalent to antibiotic used in hospital. It also features no side effect and shows excellent efficacy in treating allergy and asthma as well as in purifying indoor air quality to the level of that of forest by neutralizing harmful substances to provide you with genuine relaxation.


  • Hinoki prevents bacteria and fungus from appearing in the indoor area.
  • It eliminates bad odor and deters mosquitoes or other harmful bugs in the indoor area.
  • It inhibits dandruff and athlete’s foot by 80% or higher.
  • It prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth instead.
  • About two-thirds of patients claim Hinoki has been effective in treating atopic allergy.
  • Excellent in treating and inhibiting infectious virus and germs (such as methicillin resistant Staphylococcu aureus)
  • Promotes blood circulation to prevent adult diseases.
  • Prevents chronic fatigue, headache, blood acidification to slow down ageing
  • Clears your brain and enhances concentration