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Crystal sun salt room

Cleanse your body and soul with clean air, clean water, and clean salt in sun salt room! Sun salt is natural healing power.

Recharge your energy and vigor in sun salt pyramid!

Sun salt is one and only 100% pure salt created after eliminating all harmful substances contained in regular salt, including gas, brine, and heavy metal by heating it at 1000℃ for 42 days.

Unlike regular hot steam sauna, the sun salt room makes you perspire from deep within your body a lot even at temperature of as low as 40℃, detoxifying your body by discharging wastes in capillary vessels, generating self-healing capacity and slowing down skin aging by contracting cells stretched blood circulation disorders and obesity.

The sun salt wave emitted in the sun salt generates resonance within the body, vibrating all our body cells from top to toe, and clearing blood clots.

The sun salt pyramid serves as a lab that cleanses your mind and body by greatly boosting bio-energy and reinvigorating you along with various benefits, including improving concentration, tranquilizing your mind and body, enhancing your memory capacity through rest and relaxation, eventually helping you develop positive mindset.

How to use