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The Spa

Welcome to Seoul Korea! Let us introduce Dragon Hill Spa, a perfect getaway and healing paradise in Yongsan, the heart of Seoul, for those who seek healthy lifestyle.

Naturalism in the heart of the city

Your happiness is our utmost concern. Leisure and relaxation in modern days should no longer be regarded as idle time with no particular value and appreciation but as a precious right to enhance the quality of life rather than.

Our society with firmly established five-day workweek system encourages people to enjoy leisure and relaxation but lacks relaxation places with quality amenities that can meet increasingly sophisticated customer needs.

Dragon Hill Spa provides fatigue-stricken people in modern days with deep relaxation and satisfaction with ‘’time to get away from it all and to be embraced by nature”.

Located in Yongsan, the heart of the city of Seoul, our Dragon Hill Spa features the closest and the most optimal place of relaxation with the slogan of “Naturalism in the heart of the city”.

Your smile and satisfaction is our biggest fruit and asset.

Dragon Hill Spa will continue to serve you as best as we can in pursuit of your happiness as our ultimate goal.

Thank you.