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Traditional Thai Massage

    Traditional Thai massage in pursuit of beauty

    This program is helpful for your health and disease prevention while gaining balance of your body rhythm and facilitating circulation of bio-energy throughout your body.

    Thai massage seoul

    Efficacy of traditional Thai massage

    • Effective in relaxing your muscle and tense, reducing stress and treating headache
    • Promotes circulation of blood and lymph, boosts immunity against diseases
    • Anti-aging through stretching, boosts muscles and tendon
    • Prevents adult diseases through speeding up blood circulation.
    • Relieves insomnia and helps get good night’s sleep
    • Regain balance of you muscles by allowing the use of stiffened and unused muscles

    Relieves pain and tense of muscles, boosts vigor, speeds up blood circulation, promotes bio-energy circulation, enhances flexibility, digestion, discharging physical and mental waste, reinforces nervous system, relieves tense, balance of body and soul, treats/relieves headache, migraine, arthritis, paralysis, disk etc.

    Male/female body care
    • Accupressure + partial care (30 minutes)massage_img16
    • footcare (40 minutes)
    • Accupressure + abdomen care (50 minutes)
    • Accupressure + back care (60 minutes)
    • Accupressure + body care (100 minutes)
    • footcare + body care (120 minutes)
    Couple care
    • Couple back care (60 minutes)massage_img18
    • Couple foot care (60 minutes)
    • Couple partial accupressure (60 minutes)