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Sports and Foot care

Clear your mind and relax your body

Optimal treatment created by combination of eastern and western culture and technology will guarantee you healthy and vibrant skin. Come to Royal Orchid Spa that makes your skin as vibrant and healthy it can be.massage_img15

Today people often complain of arm and leg pain and stiff neck and shoulders due to daily stress and sedentary lifestyle.

In addition, lymphatic gland, the last station of lymph fluid and bodily waste in charge of our immunity is likely to be clogged.

Sports massage is designed to rejuvenate your body and restore balance in muscular tissues by discharging bodily waste and toxin and boosting circulatory function.

Basic Care

Sports care
Foot care
Back care
Meridian acupressure treatment

Special Care

Sports specail
Sports massage + back care
Sports massage + foot care
Meridian massage on back + foot care

VIP Care

Royal orchid special (Sports massage + Meridian massage on back + foot massage)
Aroma Meridian massage Sports
Royal orchid VIP (Sports massage + correction + meridian massage on back + foot massage)