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Skincare Treatments

Optimal treatment created by combination of eastern and western culture and technology will guarantee you healthy and vibrant skin. Come to Royal Orchid Spa that makes your skin as vibrant and healthy it can be.

Basic Facial

Careit deals with skin troubles with custom-made facial pack in accordance with individual skin type and tone as part of measures against aging.

Face resizing care (Lifting)

This program is designed to tighten sagging skin, prevent a double skin and to improve skin elasticity on your face through special massage using highly concentrated makeup ingredients.

Facial shaving

Fine hair on your face darkens your skin and prevents make-up base from being properly absorbed into your skin, making negative impact on overall makeup. Facial shaving removes fine hair on your face as well as old dead skin cells to allow you to have a great makeup and to brighten your skin tone. It is also highly effective in preventing find wrinkles