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A complete set of body care that extends care all the way into your skin.


Meridian massage

It helps you get quality sleep and lift up sagging skin and facilitate decomposition of cellulite and discharge of lactic acid using oil and cream with excellent cellulite effect. Our slimming and firming massage technique will restore balance in your body.

Pain-free meridian massage

Unlike regular meridian massage that is designed to relieve insomnia, prevent neck stiffening, stroke and high blood pressure with lymph circulation, and to stimulate bio-energy and intestines, this massage focuses on promoting blood circulation by contracting and relaxing muscles.

Body Shape-Up (obesity care)

This program is designed to help you lose weight and revitalize your skin within a short period of time by resizing and detoxifying your body.

Partial care

  • Fat decomposition, muscle pain relief and prevention of high blood pressure and stroke through massaging various body parts such as back
  • Half Care (Upper/lower body care) is highly effective in resizing and discharging bodily waste and fat by stimulating proper acupuncture points along with massage on abdomen and intestines.
  • Resizing with bandage, aromatherapy and hot/cold bath care
  • Facilitate functions of lymph and edema through detoxification

Body intensive care

  • Body + Basic Skin Care (body + skin)
  • Body + Foot Care (body + foot)
  • Body + Foot Care + Basic Skin Care (body + foot + skin)