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Horse Riding

100 different programs that simulate realistic horseback riding true to its name

Just sit on a horseback riding machine and follow the rhythm and you will be able to enjoy horseback riding while doing aerobic exercise with higher intensity than other activities. This is popular gym equipment that simulates horseback riding available for people of all ages and genders. Enjoy fitness and aerobic exercise at the same time.

Fortis was awarded Gold Prize in World’s Invention Fair in Pittsburgh US, one of the world’s top three invention expositions!


Rehabilitation treatment
This is designed for the crippled and those with paralysis to restore physical functions and to boost physical capacity.
Muscle development
100 different programs that completely simulate the movement of horse are particularly effective in boosting your muscles, improving skin elasticity and keeping in share through scientific rhythm and wave and balanced use of muscles.
Posture correction
This is designed to help you maintain a proper posture with straight backbone and body balance. This is especially helpful in balance correction through levitation and also in promoting balanced growth of children.
Diet treatment
People of all ages and genders can enjoy aerobic exercise in an easy and convenience manner through this well-being exercise machine, which is highly effective in burning calorie, eliminating extra fat, especially abdomen area and decomposing body fat.