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Wind down and relax while promoting your health

Hotel Shilla, J.W Marriot Hotel and Dragon Hill

For the first time in spa industry, we have introduced highly advanced TECHNOGYM equipment to maximize health promoting effect.
We are equipped with a variety of TECHNOGYM equipment for you to choose optimal exercises dedicated to your physical capacity and to take multi-dimensional and scientific approach to promoting your health and wellness based on the precision measurement and analysis of your body with the use of body composition analyzer. Our professional trainers will also do their upmost in taking care of physical care of individual customers.

O/T (Orientation Training)

This program is dedicated to those who start exercise after years of sedentary lifestyle. Our professional trainers will guide you to safe and effective exercise based on your individual needs and goals.



  • Checks your lifestyle, exercise, and medical history.
  • Conducts scientific analysis through body composition analyzer.
  • Set up exercise plans dedicated to individual customers based on the result of measurement
  • Provides guides on exercise etiquette in stretching and finishing exercise
  • Our professional trainers will explain how to use various types of gym equipment
  • Our in-house professional trainers will also guide you through follow-up tailor-made programs following O/T.

P/T (Personal Training)

Our 1:1 personal training program is designed to offer you the best way to accomplish your desired goals. We provide you with professional guide on the optimal exercise for each and every session along with dietary lifestyle. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!



  • Exercise programs based on scientific measurements and professional counseling.
  • 1:1 tailor-made exercise under the guidance of professional trainers.
  • Professional advice on your diet to maximize exercising effect
  • Helps and motivates you to reach your exercise goals with passion

In-body system

We provide scientific analysis on your body composition with the use of body composition analyzer. This machine analyzes 30 to 40 items, including obesity status, muscles, nutritional status, and overall physical assessment to produce medical charts under the category of physical composition, nutrition, exercise and physical shape.


  • Gives you a bird’s eye view of balance between muscle and body fat.
  • Micro-measure the level of your fatness.
  • You can see muscle amount on different parts of your body and physical intensity
  • You are able to track the record of your body composition and comparison of your current body composition measurements at a single glance.
We provides you with in-depth analysis of your lifestyle and guideline on balanced diet through ‘Lookin Body’.